The Stranger /es-trang-he-ro/ is technically a 20-something adult but has a heart of a kid. She (sometimes, as necessarily) thinks like a grown up but still plays around and laughs like a child. Writing is not really her craft but she has lots of stories to tell that of course, she cannot speak often (like a kid) to another human adult, thus, the story teller begins to write.

The Stranger likes a lot of travels and street hopping but never had the chance to do these a lot. By all means, the Stranger believes that everything she sees on the streets and different other places have their stories to tell and she is able to tell them in her own imaginative, narration.

She is fond of puns and word plays, of movies and scripts and beautiful stories that after all make sense. She likes to eat a lot but never gets fat.

The Stranger, most of all, believes in Love as much as she believes in her Lord and Savior, Jesus. God is Love, isn’t He? Since the Stranger tends to stutter when speaking in front of many people, she believes that written words is a tool to share the Gospel and His Salvation.

The Stranger imagines, plays, narrates and shares. This is the Stranger’s playground.

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