Oktober Praise 2014: United as One (Malabon Edition)

Are you ready to rock for the LORD?

Official Oktober Praise Malabon poster (Photo from United Youths of Malabon Facebook Page)

Another successful year had been celebrated at Malabon City last October 24, 2014. Dubbed as Oktober Praise 2014: United as One, musicians and young artists from different churches joined together to blow the house for a concert, all in the spirit of praise, worship and evangelism.

The whole concept of Oktober Praise began as early as 2006. This was a response to Oktoberfest, a global event wherein there is a festivity of rock music and overflowing booze. October, has been known as the feast of barley, the main ingredient in making beer. As early as 12 years old, youth around the world had been involved in drinking and partying. Continue reading