[Review] Adam

At first, you would think that Adam Raki (Hugh Dancy) is simply a geek whose life and brains revolve around the stars, the planets, and everything in the universe. He is like a walking encyclopedia—he talks endlessly about his favorite stuff factually. You would also think that Adam is an extreme introvert. He doesn’t talk a lot with anyone at work, his only friend is Harlan (Frankie Faison). The opening part of the film reveals that Adam’s father had just died, leaving Adam alone in the apartment, making him more isolated from other people.

Then comes a new neighbor in the apartment—Beth Buchwald (Rose Byrne). Beth is an only child working as a preschool teacher. Beth is so close with her father that she would see him more than her mother.
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[Review] Grace of Monaco

I was able to see the controversial movie, “Grace of Monaco” a few weekends ago. It was controversial because according to reviews I’ve read prior to watching the film, Olivier Dahan’s depiction on the life of Princess Grace was inaccurate. The Royal family, the Grimaldi’s, have also shown dismay to the film because it failed to show real history. The Grimaldi’s have also disapproved beforehand any film about their mother.


“Grace of Monaco” was about former American actress Grace Kelly. The biopic showed six years later of Kelly’s life in the palace after her marriage to Prince Rainier III. Continue reading