Merry Christmas, mates!

Howdy, mates? Just wanna greet you all a Merry Christmas! What’s your Christmases like?

an obligatory Christmas selfie

Well, I am very thankful to the Lord because everyone’s well in the family today. We are a little tired already for the preparations (dinner, gifts). We spent Noche Buena last night with a simple meal. Then, I shared with them my gifts which they had to search for throughout the house. It was quite easy, I’ve been telling all the clues. Glad they liked the presents. o∩_∩o

At Christmas day, we went to my Lola’s house. It’s a family tradition—we visit Lola, eat there and exchange gifts with the family. It’s also our get together. The whole family only gets this chance on special occasions It’s changed a lot ‘coz we are already grown ups. I only have two cousins who are kids, the rest of us are either working or in college. Anyway, however you guys spent your Christmases, I hope we never forget the reason for this season. Jesus was born to save us from sins. He is Christ. He is alive and coming back. We are victorious because of Him.

Cheerios! Happy holidays!

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