A View from the Train

I ran my way to catch the 7 a.m. train to work today. It was a make or break last 10 seconds before the train leaves. You see, if I got in a minute later, I’d have to wait for another 5 minutes for the next ride. Then I’ll be late for work.

Inside, the coach was full already. Not jam-packed but there were no more seats. Most of the time I can sit and nap on the ride as I travel from terminal to terminal. This morning, I was still a little sleepy, pushing yawns but I had to stand up by the rails. When the train’s that full, you’d seldom find a gentleman’s soul.

And so I stood by the coach window. Though slightly blinded by the sun’s glare, I spent the idleness looking out the window. There’s really nothing special on the view since buildings and vehicles are everywhere in Manila. Nothing special to see—lest you look at those things with a different pair of eyes.

Today, from the window looking above the railway, I saw kids cross the street on their way to school. A man jogged with his dog on the sidewalk. A couple held hands on their way probably to the station. There was less traffic on the streets. Overlooking the Marikina river were white birds flying low. And the river was calm this morning, signifying that today is a good one.

The 30-minute ride this morning felt different from all my morning commutes to work. To stand up and look down on these common yet amazing things took away all the rush and busyness in my body today. Whenever I ride the train sitting down, I can only see the stops and the number of people filling the train. When napping, I wouldn’t care at all.

The view below the train is also a marvelous sight when the sky starts to darken. I love to see the sky turn orange at late afternoons. I like watching the lights from the lamp posts and how they glitter from the mall buildings. Especially now that it’s Christmas season in the Philippines. Christmas lights of various shapes and colors are displayed. How these lights let out the child in me! Some rides ago, a family in the same coach as mine were looking down the window of the train. It was past six in the evening. The family seemed to me as if they’re from the country (province) and just came for the first time in Manila. The man who was with them was enthusiastically pointing out the places that, maybe, he’s been to. It made me smile because it was one of the few moments when I heard someone appreciate the busy streets of the city.

We all walk or ride the busy streets of life. Aside from being practically occupied with all the things that sustain us physically, have you taken time to admire the beauty of the things surrounding you?

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