Oktober Praise 2014: United as One (Malabon Edition)

Are you ready to rock for the LORD?

Official Oktober Praise Malabon poster (Photo from United Youths of Malabon Facebook Page)

Another successful year had been celebrated at Malabon City last October 24, 2014. Dubbed as Oktober Praise 2014: United as One, musicians and young artists from different churches joined together to blow the house for a concert, all in the spirit of praise, worship and evangelism.

The whole concept of Oktober Praise began as early as 2006. This was a response to Oktoberfest, a global event wherein there is a festivity of rock music and overflowing booze. October, has been known as the feast of barley, the main ingredient in making beer. As early as 12 years old, youth around the world had been involved in drinking and partying. The Philippines has not been an exception. The people who started this Oktober Praise surely had seen this problem among the younger generation and for the successful years of holding the event, it good to know that the youth of the church were able to bring their friends and family to this meaningful event.

Oktober Praise in Malabon had been held for four years already. Every year, we have seen God’s Hand at work especially in providing the organizers financially. United Youths of Malabon (UYM) is the main organizers of the event in Malabon City. Although problems arose weeks and even days before the concert, God had been in control. Thanks to all the prayers especially from the pastors, church leaders and even the youth involved in this event. A Prayer and Declaration Night was also held at the Jeshua My Savior Ministries last October 19.

Prayer and Declaration Night (Photo credits United Youths of Malabon Facebook Page)
Prayer and Declaration Night: There is power in the prayer of the people! (Photo from United Youths of Malabon Facebook Page)


Not only was Oktober Praise a night of music. It was also a night of evangelism. We had Pastor Paul Richards all the way from Sydney, Australia.

Ptr. Paul Richards


We thank the bands who participated, our major sponsors (which by the way, was the first time for our area) Globe Telecom and Robinsons Town Center Malabon, the private and individual sponsors, volunteers and to everyone who joined this event. This was so far the biggest of all Oktober Praises (Malabon) we had as to the number of attendees.

As Oktoberfest is to overflowing beer, Oktober Praise offered bottomless iced tea throughout the night!

James, UYM President (extreme left) and Globe Telecom

M2E, dance ministry/crew from Jeshua My Savior Ministries (Photo from United Youths of Malabon Facebook Page)


Since other places near Metro Manila such as Bulacan and Rizal have produced Oktober Praise in their areas, we hope that this extends as far as the whole Philippines and to other countries as well. Truly, this year’s theme made everyone united.

Allow the young generation to be drunk—drunk in the spirit of truth and love and salvation. There is no other time to make Jesus known to the youth but now. Make music, sing praises, worship, make Jesus famous, win souls for CHRIST!



See you again next year!


Thanks, kuya Jeremiah Dela Rea for the photos!

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