[Review] Grace of Monaco

I was able to see the controversial movie, “Grace of Monaco” a few weekends ago. It was controversial because according to reviews I’ve read prior to watching the film, Olivier Dahan’s depiction on the life of Princess Grace was inaccurate. The Royal family, the Grimaldi’s, have also shown dismay to the film because it failed to show real history. The Grimaldi’s have also disapproved beforehand any film about their mother.


“Grace of Monaco” was about former American actress Grace Kelly. The biopic showed six years later of Kelly’s life in the palace after her marriage to Prince Rainier III. The movie highlighted most of Kelly’s whereabouts as a member of the royalty. At most parts of the film, we could see Kelly (portrayed by Nicole Kidman) speaking privately with Alfred Hitchcock and a person she calls Tuck.

I have identified these three main focus of the movie: Kelly’s supposed return to Hollywood for ‘Marnie,’ the conflict between  France and Monaco, and the relationship between Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. Like what happened in real life, Princess Grace wasn’t able to return to the Hollywood. And yes, there was France and Monaco going through some sort of war. But as history tells us as opposed to the film, France and Monaco weren’t in disagreement because the Princess wanted to do ‘Marnie.’ That is totally out of the context but that was what the film have shown.

How about the marital relationship of the Kelly and the Prince? In real life, Grace Kelly had been unhappy in marriage. You can see that from the film where Kelly was watching her wedding video and talks about fairy tale. The Princess might have really wanted a fairy tale life after marrying royalty but that didn’t happen. Thanks to the film, a lot of bad publicity about the Prince wasn’t shown there except at one point where he got angry with his wife. From watching the film alone, we can conclude that the Prince was only a busy man.

Best Parts

The movie didn’t focus on the Princess’s sad life. Instead, it showed how intelligent and determined Grace Kelly have been. I like the part where she was mentored how to be a princess. She also tried to learn French (as it was the language in Monaco.) She was able to discover the betrayal of the Prince’s sister to the throne, putting an end to it.

What’s more? I think Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace was stunning.

Rating: 3/5

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