Facing the Big Boss

For us who believe in eternal life or the life after death, we know that we will face the ultimate Judgment before (Hebrews 9:27) we can be with God the Father forever. To be with God is our goal that is why while we are still here on earth, we try our best to please God by being obedient with His Words. While good deeds, repentance and faith in God are required of believers and those who follow Him, remember that it is only by Grace that we are saved. (Ephesians 2:8)

Supposed then that we are to face Judgment now. I have always wondered how it would look like to appear before that most awaited day. How should we feel? Will we be happy and excited because finally, we have arrived at the “finish line”? Will we be proud of the things we have done when we were alive, with big smiles on our faces and heads up? Say, the Gate Keeper has a handbook of the things that we should have done, according to His Word—will we be able to say, “Yes, I’ve done this, I’ve done that, and I love the Lord!”?

Or, will be feeling and reacting the other way around? I wonder if upon facing Judgment, we will be walking with our heads bowed low, not sure if will be allowed to enter the Holy Gates. How many points will we get if the criteria contain the number of things the Lord asked us to do? Are we even allowed to say, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to do that,” or “I’m sorry, I don’t know that I should have done that”? What if the Gate Keeper says, “How sure are you that you are welcome here—you’re not even aware of what the Bible says?” Because for all we know, the Bible tells us everything about God.


Let us try to picture the day of Judgment as a job fair, where the believers are about to be interviewed by the Gate Keeper. Now, this Gate Keeper is the HR manager and God the Father is the Big Boss. Just like any other job hiring, we have to go through a series of question and answer portion first with the HR manager before we could face the Boss and land the job.

The HR manager in Heaven will of course, browse through your resume. So, is your name (resume) written in the Book of Life? What have you accomplished? You would be answering with quite a list of worldly and spiritual tasks. But surely, the HR manager knows all of those already. It would only be a confirmation for you will not be able to lie on that day (Revelation 20:12). You cannot be somebody that you are not, unlike when you’re only having a real job interview on earth. At the end of that interview, will you be able face the Big Boss? Will you make it to Heaven?

The difference, my dear friends, with landing a job in this world and entering Heaven is this: in this world, you have to be qualified to get the job. You have to prove the boss that you are worth the job and make sure in yourself that you don’t get fired. Whereas in Heaven, God has called you already, though unqualified and unfitting, to become part of His Kingdom. It is therefore, our job to prove ourselves worthy of this calling so at the end of our lives, we will reap this reward of being with God, the Big Boss, forever.

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